Spring 2024

Bolded subjects are required for first year HASTS students

Subject Units Title Instructor Day/Time Room
21A.559 3-3-6 DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New Media C. Walley + C. Boebel Lec: Wed 1-4pm | Lab: Fri 1-4pm E53-354
21A.809 3-0-9 Designing Empirical Research in the Social Sciences S. Silbey Fri 9-12pm E53-354
21A.859J/ STS.250J 3-0-9 Social Theory and Analysis S. Helmreich Mon 1-4pm E53-354
21A.S10 3-0-9 Special Topic: What is Capitalism? C. Walley Thurs 1-4pm E53-354
21H.958 2-0-10 Colonialism in South Asia and Africa: Race, Gender, Resistance S. Aiyar Wed 10-12pm E51-390
21H.983J/ WGS.310J 3-0-9 Gender: Historical Perspectives E. Wood Wed 2-5pm 4-144
21H.989 3-0-9 Histories of Extraction and Mining M. Black Tues 2-5pm 5-231
STS.417 3-0-9 STS Seminar on the Global South D. Banerjee Tues 10-1pm E51-275
STS.444 2-0-7 Technology and Self: Things and Thinking S. Turkle Tues 3-5pm E51-085
STS.477J/ 21W.820J 3-0-9 Writing: Science, Technology, and Society K. Manning Tues 7PM-10PM 16-220
STS.S92/MAS.S60 2-0-7 What is a Better Future? R. Picard + S. Turkle Tues 11-1pm E15-359

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