Spring 2023

* Bolded subjects are required for first year HASTS students

Subject Units Title Instructor Day/Time Room
21A.129 (meets with 21A.127J/11.045J/15.302J/17.045J) 3-0-9 Power: Interpersonal, Organizational, and Global Dimensions Susan Silbey Tues/Thurs 2:30-4pm 56-114
21A.429J / STS.320J 3-0-9 Environmental Conflict Chris Walley Wed 1-4pm E53-354
21H.958 2-0-10 Colonialism in South Asia and Africa: Race, Gender, Resistance Sana Aiyar Tues 10-12pm E51-390
21H.983J/ WGS.310J 3-0-9 Gender: Historical Perspectives Elizabeth Wood Wed 2-5pm 4-144
21H.986 3-0-9 Money, Credit, and Financial Crisis, 1850-2020 Malick Ghachem Thurs 1-4pm E51-393
21H.989 3-0-9 Histories of Extraction and Mining Megan Black Wed 10-1pm E51-390
STS.260 3-0-9 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society William Deringer Mon 1-4pm E51-393
STS.340 3-0-9 Introduction to the History of Technology David Mindell Tues 2-5pm E51-165
STS.424J/ 11.244J 3-0-9 Race, History, and the Built Environment Erica James Wed 9:30-12:30pm 9-450A
STS.482J/ 17.310J/ IDS.103J 4-0-8 Science, Technology, and Public Policy Kenneth Oye LEC: Mon/Wed 1:30-3pm REC:TBD E25-111

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