Fall 2022

* Bolded subjects are required for first year HASTS students

Subject Units Title Instructor Day/Time Room
21A.519J/ 4.649J (meets with 21A.507J/4.648J) 3-0-9 Resonance: Sonic Experience, Science, and Art Caroline Jones & Stefan Helmreich Mon 2pm-5pm 3-133
21A.819 3-6-3 Ethnographic Research Methods Graham Jones Thurs 9am-12pm E53-354
21A.859J/ STS.250J 3-0-9 Social Theory and Analysis Michael Fischer Wed 1pm-4pm E51-165
21H.985 3-0-9 Money, Credit, and Financial Crisis, 1600-1850 Malick Ghachem Thurs 1pm-4pm E51-393
21H.991 3-0-9 Theories and Methods in the Study of History Kenda Mutongi Tues 9:30am-12:30pm E51-285
STS.421 3-0-9 Graduate Super-Seminar on Global South Cosmologies and Epistemologies Chakanetsa Mavhunga Thurs 9am-12pm E51-275
STS.427 3-0-9 The Civil War and the Emergence of Modern America: 1861-1890 Merritt Roe Smith Mon 7PM-10PM E51-361
STS.468J 3-0-9 Entrepreneurship in Aerospace and Mobility Systems David Mindell Tues 9am-12pm 33-422
STS.487 3-0-9 Foundations of Information Policy H. Abelson, R. David Edelman, M. Fischer, D. Weitzner Thurs 1pm-4pm 37-212
STS.S91 1-0-5 Special Subject: Dissertation Writing Workshop William Deringer Wed 11am-1pm E51-390

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