Fall 2023

* Bolded subjects are required for first year HASTS students.

Subject Units Title Instructor Day/Time Room
21A.409J/ 11.238J 3-0-9 Ethics of Intervention Erica James Tues 9:30am-12:30pm 10-485
21H.991 3-0-9 Theories and Methods in the Study of History Tanalís Padilla Tues 1-4pm E51-285
STS.260 3-0-9 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society Robin Scheffler Wed 1-4pm E51-393
STS.432J/ 21H.990J 3-0-9 Narrating the Anthropocene: Understanding a Multi-Species Universe (NEW) Kate Brown + Megan Black Wed 9-12pm E51-275
STS.471J/ 16.895J/ IDS.30J 4-0-8 Engineering Apollo: The Moon Project as a Complex System David Mindell + J. A. Hoffman Mon/Wed 10am-12pm 3-133
STS.S91 1-0-5 Special Subject: Dissertation Writing Workshop Eden Medina Tues 11am-1pm E51-165

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