STUDENTS | Thelma Wang

Thelma Wang

Current Research Areas: anthropology of biology, pharmaceuticals, and the body; feminist, queer, and trans science and technology studies

Thelma (they/she) is interested in the knowledge, practice, and politics of sex/gender/sexuality in the realms of biology, medicine, and healthcare. Specifically, she focuses on the biological discourses and scientific assemblages surrounding transness and queerness as well as how individuals and communities negotiate with them to (re)invent possibilities. Drawing from feminist, queer, trans, and decolonial scholarship, she aims to contribute to the broader conversation on whether and how a queer science of sex-gender is conceivable.

Her past and ongoing research includes a critical analysis of the “transgender brain” in neuroscientific literature and the practice of DIY hormone therapies in trans communities in China. Her published work can be found in Transgender Studies Quarterly. She holds an MA in sociology & women’s, gender, and sexuality studies from Brandeis University and a BA in literature from Zhejiang University.