STUDENTS | Linda Ridzuan

Linda Ridzuan

Current Research Areas: nuclear power, fuel cycle politics, lived experience around nuclear technology, production of knowledge, nuclear history, energy history, environmental history, labor history, industry study

Linda Ridzuan is a first-generation scholar interested in the study of all things nuclear. Her primary interest lies in nuclear history, mainly in situating nuclear energy history within a larger history of energy system. She is also keen on using energy and technology development as lenses through which one can study wider political life, social relations, economic system, the environment and the politics of knowledge production. Her current research focuses on the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle where she interrogates dual-use nuclear technology to explore the limit and usefulness of civilian v. military framework common in the discourse around nuclear technology.

Linda holds a B.Sc. in Foreign Service and a Certificate in American Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar.