STUDENTS | Kelcey Gibbons

Kelcey Gibbons

Current Research Areas: history of technology; computing; freedom; media; African-American communities; class and race; sociology of information technology; digital histories and storytelling; becoming American

Kelcey’s research examines African-American computing communities of the mid 20th century. She is interested in the computer as a technology of black freedom, community building, and American citizenship. She is primarily interested in how black betterment organizations wove the computer into black freedom narratives and how the computer (as a device, idea, image) contributed to how those freedoms were imagined, sought-after, communicated.

Kelcey received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a Science, Technology, and Society major and a Digital Humanities minor. She enjoys creating Afrofuturistic soundscapes, sound walks, and storytelling.