STUDENTS | Hina Walajahi

Hina Walajahi

Current Research Areas: Anthropology of the life sciences; experimentation; expertise and knowledge practices; science and technology studies; politics of inclusion; globalization; biotechnology

Hina Walajahi is interested in exploring the socio-political entanglements in Do-it-Yourself biology (DIY bio) communities in the United States and Latin America. At MIT, she hopes to study how practitioners of DIY bio disrupt institutional forms of scientific knowledge production, reconfigure the tools and sites for experimentation, and attempt to re-make opportunity and access in the biological sciences.

Hina holds a B.S. in Public Health from Rutgers University. Prior to coming to HASTS, Hina participated in a two-year bioethics fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, where she worked on a variety of topics at the intersection of ethics, expertise, and emerging biotechnologies.