STUDENTS | Danhue J. Kim

Danhue J. Kim

Current Research Areas: pollution; microorganisms; biotechnology; environmental justice; expertise and knowledge production; biopolitics and biosecurity; climate change; materiality; multispecies commodity networks; bioart

Danhue is an environmental geographer interested in pollution, biotechnology, and human-microorganism relations. Her past and ongoing research follows the enrolment of microbial species as technologies for managing human and environmental health, intervening in broader interdisciplinary dialogues on bioengineering, environmental justice, and sustainability. She is interested in understanding how engineering practices intended to produce microbial hereditary changes for sustainable ends shape multispecies relations, pollution remediation, and human-environment health.


Prior to starting her PhD, Danhue worked as a climate-health researcher, focusing on the health impacts of air pollution and heat and the interactions between climate change and pathogenesis. She holds an MSc in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance from the University of Oxford, where she conducted research on aquacultural waste, human-environmental health, and microbial fermentation recycling in Korea, tracing how olfactory, biopolitical, and environmental justice dynamics shape contemporary wastelands and the application of biotechnology within recycling industries. She holds a BA in anthropology and political science from McGill University.