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Facebook’s New Gender Options

Facebook’s New Gender Options

On Thursday, Facebook announced the launch of 50+ gender identifier options that users can select from, as well as three preferred pronoun choices (her, him, or them). This change to user preferences made official what many users had been previously experimenting with or “working around” on the site. Alex Schultz, director of growth at Facebook, was quoted stating “Really, there was no debate within Facebook about the social implications at all. It was simple: Not allowing people to express something so fundamental is not really cool so we did something. Hopefully a more open and connected world will, by extension, […]

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Nobro Computing

In a blog-post on Difference Engines week ago, Lilly Irani wrote: By analogy, maybe there’s a feminist STS project that could take similar form [to the People of Color in European Art History Tumblr that she'd been reading] . Women in computing advocates (e.g. Anita Borg Institute) often use the presence of women in computing history as the exception that proves the possibility. I’ve been frustrated for a while about the way well-meaning computing institutions deal with gender in computing by simply attempting to include women (future, present, and past) in the already gendered mold of the contemporary computer programmer. Here’s […]